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28th May 2020 
How Reiki works. energyspectrum

What is Reiki?
Modern medicine has tended to focus upon illnesses, their physical symptoms, diagnosis and cure but we are more than just our physical bodies. We are energetic beings, living in an energetic world. Like the chair I'm sitting on and the air that I breathe, we are made up of constantly vibrating atoms. It has long been known that there are electrical fields within our bodies which are constantly conveying messages to and from the brain and the heart, for example ,and these can be measured through EEG and ECG tests. More recently it has been possible to measure the corresponding magnetic fields around the body through the development of the SQUID magnetometer and it has been discovered that all the organs and tissues of the body produce specific magnetic pulsations..... a human energy field in fact. Not only that but it is also starting to be understood that diseases can be detected in this energy field before it manifests in the human body. In the the medical field of orthopedics there is a practice known as Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), it is used mainly to stimulate bone regeneration but it is also helpful for nerve regeneration and ligament repair.
Now if we start to think about some of the ancient healing practises which are still around today we find reference to the energy pathways called the meridians which connect the energy centres within the body which are known as chakras, these phenomena were known about long before medicine had any understanding of the organs and the various systems within in the body. It was understood that the life force known as Chi in China, Ki in Japan or Prana in India, flows through everything and that dis-ease occurs when the flow of the universal life force is disturbed by blockages. It was also believed that these disturbances could be detected in the aura which some sensitive people could (and can) detect with their human eye. Isn’t there some thing remarkably similar about these two accounts? It seems to me that science is catching up with something that we have always instinctively known and I find that hugely exciting.

So what has Reiki to do with any of that?
Well, several experiments have been conducted to measure the energy emanating from the hands of various traditional healers. It has been found that the energy pulsates in similar ranges to those of the electromagnetic energy used in PEMF. So it can perhaps be deduced that the Reiki energy is also electromagnetic in nature and works in a similar way.

Reiki - a natural way to enhance your wellbeing
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How Reiki works. reikirainbow