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28th May 2020 

Can I do Reiki?
Yes you can! You just need to learn how and to go through an attunement process which enables you to be a conduit for the Reiki energy. I believe that anyone can do this and that it is an innate part of us. Ask yourself...what do you do when you bang your elbow or your child comes to you with a bruised knee? Most people instinctively put their hands on the place that hurts and I expect that you do that too, do you see what I mean ?
Reiki 1
I teach Level 1 Reiki over a period of about 6 hours, that can be over 2 evenings or on a single day, depending on your choice. My charge is 120 per head for this training which includes the attunement, a manual and a certificate . Once you have had the training, you have Reiki for life even if you don't use it for years, it will be there for you.
Reiki 2
My Reiki level 2 courses take place over two days, the next training is planned for Monday 16th March/Saturday 21st March 2020 and there are places available. During the course you will receive an attunement , learn the Reiki symbols and how to carry out distant healing. The focus of the training is to deepen your understanding of the energy. it is not intended to cover those aspects that are needed for professional practice such as data protection and client confidentiality etc.

Once we have agreed a date for your training please Click here to fill in a secure booking form in order to reserve your place. Please note that I do not retain the booking form once you have completed the training to which it refers.

I am available to my students for support in using Reiki after the training and offer the opportunity to practise at Shares on a regular basis. Training courses take place at my home in Loughborough.


"I had been waiting for an opportunity to do Reiki Level 1 for the best part of two years, and as they say, good things come to those who wait.
Your training day was very well presented and enjoyable. For once I came away feeling I had been given just the right amount of information and guidance to continue my journey without feeling either completely overwhelmed or full of unanswered questions."
U. Sutton Bonington

"Thoroughly enjoyable weekend - would highly recommend Barbara, very warm and loving individual" January 2015

"A wonderful experience and initiation day into the workings of Reiki. Could highly recommend it." January 2015

"I am so happy that I did my level 1 reiki training and attunement with Barbara - a special experience facilitated so professionally and authentically." March 2015

"I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Barbara. She's lovely and a fantastic teacher."
April 2015

"Fabulous insight into the practice of Reiki." September 2015

"A very enjoyable course. A relaxed atmosphere with a kind and knowledgeable teacher" September 2015

"Thank you for an inspirational weekend........looking forward to Reiki 3 level!" October 2015

"I could have spent the week with Barbara. She is such a special lady" February 2016

"A great introduction to living with Reiki - would thoroughly recommend it!" May 2016

"I enjoyed the whole day, it was a great experience." August 2016

"Sincere thanks. A great sense of well-being after the day" August 2016

"My confidence has been boosted, thanks to Barbara's total professionalism, guidance and teaching of Reiki. The journey starts here.....Thank you Barbara. " February 2017

"I feel blessed to have met Barbara and privileged to have received Reiki stages 1 & 2 with her" February 2017

"Learning in a friendly, informal environment really helped my confidence - as did your endless patience!" February 2017

"i have now received both Reiki 1 and 2 with Barbara. I cannot praise Barbara highly enough and I feel blessed to have been taught by her. Barbara is the perfect Reiki teacher/master - professional yet so friendly and warm. Learning takes place in such a comfortable and peaceful environment. Thank you Barbara from the bottom of my heart!" February 2017

"What a great way to spend a Saturday! Barbara is friendly and extremely knowledgeable, she has great passion for her subject and I feel i have learned a lot today. Brilliant training and highly recommend Barbara." August 2017

"A very relaxed day, thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it." August 2017

"Another wonderful,informative, interesting day- very much anticipated and highly enjoyed!!!" November 2017

"An intuitive experience for the individual, in a welcoming environment, opening opportunity for deep connection, learning & healing." November 2017

"Very thorough and genuine". February 2018

"I would recommend attending this course. It was well paced, well explained and responsive to all types of background and experience." March 2018

"Beautiful & powerful attunement. lovingly given in a supportive environment, what a pleasure. " March 2018

"..Barbara is so enthusiastic about Reiki and this is transmitted to her students. The training takes place in a wonderfully calm and peaceful environment..." March 2018

"The entire day had a lovely, generous feel. Lots of good conversations & questions which were answered well." July 2018

"A wonderful, enjoyable and well structured course, thank you!" September 2018

Reiki - a natural way to enhance your wellbeing
and bring balance into your life.

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